Dandelion Prayers


Restless child, cooped up indoors too long.  So I left the house, walking I knew not where.  I came to a vacant lot that was a hill, dotted with hundreds of dandelions, plumes silvery in the sunlight.  I stopped, enjoying a bit of alone time without thinking about any problems.  Letting go of all that.

I didn’t set out for this place.  I didn’t know it existed as I had never walked that far from our house.  But there it was just when I needed a bit of solitude.  The spring wind was brisk.  I picked up a dandelion and swirled it through the air, watching the seeds lift and scatter.  I picked another and then another.  I must’ve picked hundreds and sent them out, nature’s armada aloft and silky as they floated away.  Letting them go too.

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes standing there and mindlessly blowing dandelions.  But I felt renewed by the time away from homework, housework, and fussing family members.  Barely gone any time at all but it was enough.

Never discount the value of a few moments.  Take a deep breath and let it out slowly.  Move away from work and people for a few minutes.  Good time to think of what we are grateful for, what and whom we appreciate.

Might be a time for a John Eldredge type prayer: “Lord, I give everything and everybody to You.”  How unaccountably heavy life becomes as we unconsciously take on more and more burdens from life and people around us.

But we are children called to play, sing, dance, rejoice.  So if something is weighing us down, we have to let go. We must let go.  Just. Let. Go.

My son is going to Afghanistan and war.  It’s what soldiers do.  I’m praying for the rich experiences God wants him to have and safety.  It’s what mothers do.  Letting him go.  Letting worry go.  Holding on tight to God.  Proud of that fella.

Going to deadhead the roses this evening near sunset.  Relaxing occupation.  Clearing the way for new buds to grow and bloom roses on into summer.

Just let go of the old and let the new come.  Send out a prayer like a dandelion seed on the breeze and watch it fill the air with joy.sunset rose


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