What Does Your Heart Really Want in 2018?

Shimmery ice-blue-white moon a few nights ago, before the majestic display of the super, blue, blood moon in the middle of the night.  I stood outside a few moments, forgetting my electric, indoor existence.  I soaked in the sight of glowing pearl streaks of clouds smeared across the night sky and that moon so benevolent and calm.  A sense of well-being surged through my soul, a sense of safety from all harm and from all that’s wrong with the world, with me, with my body working hard to heal.

That’s a memory now and also a place I’ll return to in my thoughts when life gets hectic, hurting, or unmanageable.

The day after that beautiful moon we drove to a hilltop street in our neighborhood and watched the eclipse before sunrise.  This moon, converging super moon, blue moon, and blood moon, that comes once in 150 years.  Mind-boggling.  It wasn’t that dramatic looking here—slightly rose-tinged and blue shading on the moon, and yet changing by degrees every minute as the earth’s shadow came over it.  Wow.  What a gift from our Creator to watch before the day unfurled.

Home again.  I was sure that we would want something good to eat when we gathered for supper around our big table, just 3 of us, coming from 3 different directions, converging, connecting.  So I threw some chicken into the crockpot and salted it well.  Poured on the salsa.  Then before the sun went down, Salsa Chicken for tacos.  Another gift, yummm-mm

Then in the evening the best gift came, just being together, talking about the day’s details—what Natalia added to her costume for Destination Imagination–computer keys; what I accomplished in getting rid of stuff hidden away in the kitchen cabinets and then turning in circles, wondering what to do next on the kitchen decluttering list–no volunteers wanted to help–me either!  Kent explaining his model for house design.

All cozy until after supper.  Evenings are tough sometimes. Hormones out of balance, so many complicated factors afflicting body and mind.  I began to feel the uncomfortable feelings of nervous energy and ever so slight depression.  Get so weary of this cycle.  Want to be completely well and free of anxiety and depression, leaky gut and food allergies.  Such a slow process to turn it around to good.  Such a feeling of overwhelm at times when I feel like I can’t eat or do fun activities others are doing.

But I remembered and returned in thought to the calm sense of well being that had surrounded me the night before as I gazed at the moon.  Yes, already needing then to call on the memory from the night before, the blanket of peace surrounding me, the joy of the moon glistening in a starry black sea, the sense of the nearness of Jesus loving me, enjoying me and the moon.  Peace like a gently placed blanket wrapped around me.

That sense of being loved by the Divine Being, a rare thing, yet as time goes by, I hear the whispers of His heart better: I not only love you.  I enjoy you.  I made you and love to be with you.  Always.

This can become the norm.  With deep attention to God and to the matters of our hearts.

Deep attention blesses us with uncommon focus as we continue to refine a vision for how we want to live in 2018.  More shalom or wholeness, and more joy, love, peace.  That’s what I really want.  What do you really want for 2018?


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