God Loves to Help Us Against All Odds

In the gospel of Luke in the Bible the Christmas story begins with unlikely heroes, very old Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth.  Their lifelong prayers were for a child of their own that never came in the child-bearing years. Then against all odds Elizabeth bore a son, John the Baptist, forerunner for Jesus.

And the Jews, oppressed by the Romans, hoped for a Messiah, who came against all odds to a humble, very young and poor woman, Mary.  Against all odds she bore all the persecution, misunderstanding and shame, connected to the birth of Jesus, her Son, the center of the Christmas story.

Even David, small and no threat to a giant, had his day of winning against the giant Goliath.  David’s silly and impossible weapon for the occasion, was a small, smooth stone.  With God’s help it zinged out from his sling and hit the mark, felling a giant.  Thud.  Against all odds.

david and goliath.jpg

Who would have laid a bet on America in its infancy, that the Patriots would win against the powerful nation of Britain so long ago?  The story of Israel becoming a nation in 1967 was a similar story of a little guy, Israel, surrounded by several hostile nations, winning against all odds.

Does God champion the causes of the frail, the weak, the impossible?  That’s His heart.

So if the gleam of Christmas lights is dimming for any of us due to troubles and impossibilities this year, there is still hope.

No matter how high the deck is stacked against us, against our health, finances, relationships here in Christmas, 2017, there is a heart hidden and beating that is for us, wanting us to win against all odds.

The heart of God.  The heart that gave us Baby Jesus, His stunning gift, His tiny weapon to save the world from its sorrows, illnesses, wounds, and fears.

The Christmas Story is just one chapter of many in a Big Story in which we all have a role to play. God, the Story director, sees us on the world’s big stage, full of possibilities and impossibilities.

He sees us and weeps with us over the wrongs but wants to help us win against all odds.  When He planned the birth of Jesus in a time of great pain and turmoil in Israel, he had in mind the troubles of all human beings.  He wanted to help reverse the griefs and losses.

If you believe, you too have a part to play.  In this continuing saga of planet earth there are days, nations, hearts to be won.  And often it’s against all odds.

Will you take your role?  The Director is close by to give you your cues and help you win against all odds.



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