Creating Sanctuary

hat-2140283_1280Gratitude grounds me to what is good, helping me get off this tilting planet of demands and schedule juggling and just be still a while.  Regain perspective.  I’m so prone to struggle with decisions and multitasking that totally trash creative efforts.  Gratitude creates a sanctuary in my soul to nourish the truest me.  Here are a few things I’m grateful for presently:

–lightning quick movements of a squirrel and his tail undulating snakelike as he ponders possibilities

–walking a nature trail with a beloved friend, sharing the mundanes and sometimes the magnificents of life

–tossing a beach ball in the living room among 5 family members, the most roaring glee coming from a copper haired 5 year old

–listening to his saucy 2 year old sister, Miss Copper Curls, scold a naughty baby doll with great vehemence

–loving, gentle hands of an 11 year old, braiding my wispy thin hair in hopes of a new ‘do for me

–a salt lamp with a glow as cheery to my heart as fire in a winter hearth, minus the heat!


In my sanctuary of heart and mind, available any time inside or outside, but especially in my sunny office space, I find time to breathe, quit fretting and flying around to getterdone.  While there this morning I read a bit of Exodus 6, the biblical account of the Israelites’ journey from slavery to freedom.

At this point the people were so devastated by the cruelty of their Egyptian taskmasters that they had  no desire to listen at all to Moses.

So he was ready to quit too.  He was only delivering a heartfelt message from God’s heart to theirs, a majestic, fervent promise that God would in due time deliver them from Pharoah and bring them to a desired oasis, a place to dwell with their families as a free people.

God saw all that skepticism.  Yet He still fulfilled His passionate desire—that His people be freed from bondage and come to a new place of beauty.  He freed them!  He led them to a better life.

What struck me was that it took time and process to bring them into their desired freedom from oppression.  So much trouble and struggle they went through to get to the good!

Are we willing to suffer our own events of oppression, opposition, tough obstacles to get to better seasons, perhaps a better life than what we are presently living?  I would not have gone down this, turns out to be lovely, amazing path of healthy foods, better thinking, new relationships, intentional community if I had not had to suffer the trials and traumas that I have.  I would’ve picked an easy path, a boring path, filled with TV dinners and movies to watch instead of living life with others….sweating and hacking ornery little bushes away to make a path in the wilderness, bringing potluck dishes to eat together with community, learning new ways to heal through essential oils, herbs, food, friendships.


We must persevere past old ways of negative thinking, illness, self indulgence, unhappiness, we must persist in new behaviors, new ways of thinking…carve a path through the wilderness of storms and temporary pleasures and fixes…going for the gold, healing, wholeness offered every day.

We need time and space to regenerate from the frantic pace, people, and places that leave us ragged.

Do you have such a sanctuary where you can be quiet, thankful, pour out your heart to that Someone, whose heart is surprisingly favorable toward us stubborn, fearful creatures?  A place where you can touch what really matters to your heart and your one and only life?



2 responses to “Creating Sanctuary

  1. After several months of inconsistency on my part, I’ve found a sweet spot during afternoon naps this past week. Sometimes inside, sometimes outside, it’s been so good to have time to unload my heart to the One who already knows me.


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