God’s Eyes on My Details

Daily gratitude: the musical, whimsical tones of the wind chime whirled by a roaring, wild spring breeze today. The lively clatter cheers me on in my daily tasks.

The news wasn’t all I hoped for yesterday at the first visit to a naturopath.  It wasn’t all bad either—my numbers on the hypothyroid condition have improved slowly over the past 2 years or so.  And I know my mood and joy have boosted tremendously over the past year or so.  The transformation of mood is a big indicator of returning health for brain and gut issues.  In traditional medicine the 7 components tested for my thyroid, 6 are now in normal range with medication, except one component that tested low.  Was I ever proud!

Then the naturopath Lisa gently wrote the functional medicine numbers out:  I had 3 low’s, 2 high’s, and 2 normal’s.  And an overall downward plunk of discouragement.   I’ve worked to some degree or over, not always with complete focus on health issues for about 5 years, gradually making diet and exercise changes, then emotional, mental and spiritual adjustments as well.  I’ve worked especially hard the past 2 years.  I’ve had grace to say no to ice cream, cake and other health depleting foods.  Hard at times but worth it as I have gradually felt better.  So why couldn’t my improvements be BIG at this point?

And then she tested my blood pressure via a sitting down, then lying down, and then standing.  A plummet of 30 points in blood pressure was an indicator of the adrenals in dire need.

I have to keep reminding myself that if you ignore, neglect, or otherwise don’t get it when the body sends out help signals for years that it will take a lot of time and patience to restore.  Sigh; big sigh.

That’s when I need a dose of encouragement, to stay in the battle for better health, to continue on the journey to wholeness.  So that’s when in my heart I turn to look at God and see His eyes alight with affection and joy. I listen to hear what He says, to see what He sees.

He knew that 5 loaves and 2 fish could really feed 5000 people, just with a little thanksgiving for what He had, not grumbling about what He didn’t have.  He designed a tiny mustard seed to grow into a massive tree—who could dream a seed so small could grow so big?  He sent a prophet to a woman who had 2 sons about to be dragged into slavery, due to her late husband’s debts.  The prophet asked what she had on hand—only a little flask of oil.  Containers were borrowed from the neighbors.  The little flask poured into the containers, filling them all to the brim.  She sold the oil, paid off the debts, and she and her sons lived on what was left!  A little faith, a little oil, and her needs were more than met! The money paid off the present debts she had, but also provided for her future!


We don’t need a lot of stuff.  We don’t even need to get all the things done on the to-do list.  We may miss an opportunity to bless someone directly in our path if we are only constantly looking at the list!

We need God’s eyes to see what He sees.  A little goes a long way with thanks.  My strength is small but with God on my side, I could knock down a Goliath if I need to…and so can you.  We just need God’s eyes to see our lives, troubles, gifts.  It’s a different view, worth seeing for hearts with eyes to see beyond the mundane– or maybe just beauty in the mundane and heaven in the possibilities.



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