Healing Our Kitchens–Part 2


Today I’m grateful for roasted cauliflower; yummy salty taste; benefits galore–loaded with vitamins and minerals; aids digestion and detoxing processes; anti-inflammatory as in protection against mental diseases, diabetes and more; helps balance hormones by reducing high levels of estrogen.  That’s a few of many benefits.

About a decade ago I introduced myself to The Little House on the Prairie books.  I return to them time and again to renew my desires for simplicity, family bonding, working with nature, cooking.  Yes, I need renewal of purpose about cooking lest I fall off the wagon and return to fast food–ha!  They have become some of my favorite of all children’s books, especially to read aloud with a child as young as 5, like my granddaughter when we first read them together.  In my mind  I see the mother Caroline cooking, baking, gathering garden vegetables and wild berries with her girls, Laura and sister Mary.

I wish my childhood had been like that, cooking with my mom, aunts, grandmothers—all good cooks. But the kids just played while the mamas cooked.  A very good thing in the moment for the kids!  But I wish I’d learned to cook with my family instead of from a stranger in a cookbook.  Sigh.  I wish my own children had cooked with me, but it didn’t happen much.

Then when our granddaughter came as a toddler to live with us, I had stars in my eyes about us blending harmoniously in the kitchen, producing feasts for others…together.With a little humor and a lot of patience we’ve gotten some cooking done…separately.

Turns out her style of cooking a couple of years ago was to create her own recipes while mine has always been to follow the recipe steps with due diligence.  A bit of  clashing occurred with every cup of flour, measured or unmeasured. She wanted to make desserts and biscuits without a recipe.  While I wanted to not cramp her style, I did want her to learn some basics.  But she just wasn’t ready for following recipes yet.  It worked out well to let her loose to create.  She had a blast with her own chocolate cake masterpiece, serving to family and friends who warmly affirmed all her offerings!   Now at 11 she uses recipes at times while continuing to explore her own recipes at other times.

So what category of cooking attracts you at the moment?  I needed to get more excited about vegetables to help boost my immune system.  To get into the cooking zone I sometimes have to track down enthusiastic food bloggers.  Then I catch some of their excitement and ride the wave, as in try their recipes or that of a good friend, who is also on the journey of healing body and mind with better foods, real foods.

I found roasted asparagus and roasted okra to be family favorites, even for my granddaughter, who isn’t naturally attracted to vegetables as much as carbs.  She even loves fermented vegetables, at least the kraut.  She adores kraut, and I feel great, knowing that we are strengthening our bodies with probiotics in the most nutrient dense form and so cheap to make!

And I’ve come to love, even crave things like roasted cauliflower.  It tastes better than popcorn to me now.  Seriously, maybe I’ll bake some the next time we watch a movie, munching little white, roasted florets 🙂

So we can delight the taste buds and calm the brain with nutrient dense foods.  Contrast that with microwaved popcorn.  You probably think you don’t want to know, but you really do if you value your brain and general health.  It’s harmful.  Look it up for yourself.  All those unpronounceable ingredients create serious havoc.  Factory workers have developed lung problems from being around the popcorn in the factory!  Even Dr. Oz does not want us eating microwave popcorn.

Time for all of us to start popping our own, including me.  Check out a delicious recipe for perfect popcorn, courtesy of Elise Bauer at simplyrecipes.com.

So don’t worry about the time involved to cook  healthy.  The time and money you save in trips to the doctor will be more than worth it.  Don’t worry about your family feeling deprived of comfort foods; there are comfort foods in this world that don’t wreck you.  And read the stories of people who have healed serious conditions with real food.  It’s truly amazing.  Most of the info and recipes are a click away.

Time to love the kitchen.  Be there.  Maybe cook with somebody we love.  Pop a slice of apple smeared with almond butter into our mouths while we cook.  The juices will flow, and everybody will be happy…even mama, while we wait for our real food to get done.  Then eat with gusto and no guilt.

Thus we will live happily ever after…mostly.popcorn-1615179_1920.jpg





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