A Breezy Friend


The past few years I have made my way deep into the heart of the community of souls with allergies.  Hearing their stories of improving health and trying new recipes that they have shared, has changed my world from sad to glad.  In this new beginning, my ideas about food were stale.  But I read their blogs, and fresh breezes began to blow. So they are my friends without having met them.

I’ve become intrigued with the health benefits of foods I never paid attention to before.  Like sauerkeraut.  It’s loaded with beneficial bacteria to help heal the ailing gut of allergy sufferers.  If your children love sour foods, this one would build their immune systems too.

I missed the opportunity to see a demonstration by a kindly organic farmer on how to make sauerkraut.  But friends assured me it would be a breeze.  The alternative was buying organic sauerkraut in the health store…$6 plus.  Delicious but why pay that when for the price of a head of cabbage, sea salt, filtered water, and a clean glass jar, I could make it at home?

So I’d give myself a pep talk and then buy some cabbage.  It sat patiently in the fridge for weeks.  Finally it blackened and went in the compost pile. I did this more than once, good intentions every time.

Why?  I just didn’t want to do it by myself.  I wanted someone to hold my hand through the process and help me with any questions that came up.  Silly, irrational, but there it is.

A friend we’ll call Sunny Soul came to the rescue.  She is that, always sunny and ready to lend a hand at whatever needs doing.  Recently I asked bravely, “How would you like to chop some cabbage with me?”

Gee, one doesn’t get an invitation like that too often.  But her eyes twinkled.  That was a ‘yes.’

Soon we were chopping whirlwinds.  In a matter of minutes we had what we needed to sprinkle sea salt over the cabbage pieces and pound.  With a wooden spoon in my case.  She decided to go with the hands, just squeezing the dickens out of it.  An impressive amount of liquid soon was in her bowl while I made my way less quickly.  We got it poured into a jar.  I felt relief.  No skipping out this time.  Such joy to see it sitting on the counter fermenting!

So having a friend around is a good thing.  Especially a breezy friend, one who makes doing a project a breeze…maybe I’ll ask her help with the Awful Closet, maybe not.  Regardless, I’ll treat her to a cup of coffee at a shop nearby verra soon.  Can’t take her for granted!

Do you need to do a project but don’t quite have the courage to go it alone?  Maybe there’s a good friend standing by.  Why do something alone if you don’t have to?  With a little help from a friend it can be a breeze.



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