The Domino Effect Relationship of 2017


Is there one relationship that if it was pursued first, above others, would have a domino effect of making all the other relationships fall into line?

In a family with a husband, wife, and children, this could be the marriage.  And yet how many people mistakenly put their all into relationships with the kids and neglect each other?  For all things to go well in family life, a marriage needs to be strong and healthy to support all the life details growing out of it.

And how many times have I expected a family member or close friend to meet my needs or expectations and for whatever reasons, they were not able to do it?  That’s the deal with being human.  We often fail in loving and not even for want of trying!  It just happens, a lot.

That said, the missing link that fits life’s pieces together is our relationship with God, the One who would be our BF, best friend, if we knew how to let Him into our heart headquarters.

Instead of pushing Him into the back of a drawer, what if we invite Him into the front and center?  Instead of assuming He’s distant or uncaring as we’ve been prone to do, if we really get honest, what if we assumed He really cares and hangs close by, wanting to be in relationship with us?  What if we stop treating Him as a nice acquaintance and commit to getting to know Him like a new BF?

With a successful friendship that is close, you stay in touch as often as you can.  You know what’s going on with each other’s hearts.  What if we daily stayed in touch with God, in order to share our hearts and lives and also to listen to Him, His wisdom, counsel, comfort, affirmation, and encouragement?  Instead of Facebook or texting as our first button to click, what if we talk things over with God?  What might happen in the relationships that matter most to us if we filter all life details first through Him?

When Kent and I first started dating, with a failed marriage behind each of us, we had both turned to God to make Him #1 in new ways in our lives and were enjoying the peace and comfort of that when we met.  What we didn’t want was to get tangled in a relationship where God was not the center for BOTH people.  Kent loves to tell people that he knew he was on the right path with me because he could tell that God was first for me, that he would not be first.

I’ve found the Lord Jesus to be a faithful friend…easy to reach, no appointments needed, always comforting and kind, ever wise in how He handles my mess-ups, not condemning, always joyful and loving, ready to show me a different and better perspective than I have by myself, and an amazingly creative Counselor in helping me have better relationships with others as time goes by. What He gives us truly blesses us as well as others!

We could experiment in 2017 and find out if making God the first domino will make all the other relationships fall into place; work better than ever before.



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