Who Needs Your Kindness Today? START HERE

Gratitude of the day—Last night I realized that I won’t be able to completely adhere to a 30 day anti-candida diet that I ‘committed’ to.  As I understand it scientifically, if you don’t tow the line, you won’t get the results you’re wanting.  But I can’t follow it to the ‘T’.  I’m in the withdrawal stage of prescription drug #3 of 3 drugs that grip you and don’t want to let go. (But I am done with #1 and 2—yay!)

I started to write an apology to my fellow wholeness buddies.  But it didn’t feel right, didn’t feel loving toward myself.  I’ve been working hard a long time on health, denying myself unhealthy foods and drinks I love…but don’t love as much as I used to because my taste buds and brain are changing!  My health is better!  Who wants to go back to feeling sick all the time?

All that to celebrate.  I will continue.  No falling off the wagon, sneaking dessert late at night for me.  That was a problem ages ago.  I finally had to get my husband to hide the cookies or whatever…

But not now.  I just don’t do cookies.  It’s ok.  My diet is really good compared to what it once was with Velveeta cheese and Reese cup sprees.  It’s good enough for now.  I feel compassion for me as I ease off a Goliath drug challenging my little David body with a sling shot of health tools I’m using to knock old Goliath down.

Eating food near bedtime helps to relax the clinching sensation in my chest that happens every few nights as we cut down the med. Essential oils help, prayers of loving friends help, my own connection with my Creator helps, sometimes talking about joys of the day or concerns with a wonderful mate helps.  None of these things alone fixes the problem.  It’s a long gradual process. It’s what I need to do for a season. I read today in an article by Dr. Alan Christianson, the best-selling author of The Adrenal Reset Diet that carbs toward a day’s end actually help cortisol levels come down—just what I need instead of cutting carbs real low.

I’ve said this before and repeat from time to time—mostly for me to get firmly lodged inside me, but maybe you will also want to hear this again:  gratitude turns on the relational part of the brain, helping us escape the fight or flight actions of the amygdala in our dear brains.  When relational circuits get turned on in the brain, we bond better and more deeply with God, ourselves, and others.

In the past, in those days that lasted years, when I felt bad emotionally and physically, overwhelmed by negative thoughts, what was my first instinct?  To isolate…just when we need loving people around the most.

So besides gratitude and kindness to ourselves, we need some healthy communities to help us in this worth-it journey to wholeness.  I’m grateful for loving, kind friends and family who support my health goals and understand my diet restrictions.  Together we are learning to slow down, be grateful people, and be kind to ourselves and each other, as well as replace processed foods with recipes that delight our taste buds and actually help us heal. And people who know us, especially  the sad, bad, and weak parts of us, and yet love us are such gifts!  Now that’s the life and love we all need.  And that’s how growth and maturity really happen.

So what are you grateful for about yourself?  Are you being kind to the person who may need it the most?  START HERE—with yourself.


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