Joy, A Real Fix

I love my aqua-sea colored Le Creuset pot and use it often. A dear Chicago friend with a lovely soul gifted me with it years ago.  I gave myself permission yesterday to leave my writing castle and come down into my humble, cluttered kitchen, pull out the pot and make soup for lunch…even though in the moment I felt exhausted and a bit nauseated, plagues of the past several weeks.

Later when I lifted the lid to take a peek, joy swirled through me to see it:  fluffy clouds of cauliflower, cozied up next to bubbles simmering in a golden brown, brothy sea.

I’m especially fond of soups.  I can get as excited over what’s cooking in the pot as someone else might get over licking frosting off the beaters.  Soups allow you to throw lots of food value in and also yield yummy leftovers, ready for the table with a simple reheating.

And I was excited that my daughter was coming for lunch and that I had something out of the ordinary to add to our ordinary sandwiches:  celery, browned onion bits, garlic, cauliflower, and beef broth.  By the time I got it all chopped and cooking, I was feeling happy and energized—a real joy ‘fix’.  The sad, bad symptoms previous to entering the kitchen had disappeared!

Trying to get off prescription meds that are no longer helpful (and perhaps weren’t as helpful as hoped) is part of my long climb to Mt. Health.  Here I’ve been eating well, exercising, and making many other strides toward better health.  I haven’t been waiting for a magic wand to bonk me with feeling awesome; I’ve been doing my part.

But lately I’ve felt like my body was backsliding, even though I wasn’t doing anything different.  I just started feeling icky-tired, sleeping at night even less well than before, and having nausea off and on…which started about 2 months ago as I thought about it…when I started a medicine #2 to help me get off #1.

At least I felt better that this wasn’t just a round of failing health.  I also recently tested online for candida as well as being tested by a training naturopath.  Both indicated I have candida.  Between meds and possible candida I’ve not felt too perky lately, and yet there is still an overall, strangely upbeat and persistent motivation to pursue health and a feeling that I am making progress

My most obvious indicator of better health is that I feel a lot of joy and purpose now, more love.  Long time coming.  Long journey to know God’s love for me, find peace with my past and love myself just as I am designed, forgive self and others, and get on with focus, purpose, meaning.  Adding gratitude to my daily routines has really renewed my mind, I think.

Maybe cooking isn’t a path to more joy for you.  It certainly isn’t for me on many days.  But something in line with who you are—painting, loving and spending time with a child or teen or older person, crocheting, whatever your thing, do it.  Let the joy fill every cell of your body and give you the lift you’re needing.  Guilt-free joy.  Junk food comfort only gives us more guilt.

2017 can be our year to search for real, simple treasures.  Happy hunting!


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