Where the New Things Are

If you, like me, have gotten to this point in a new year with a few (or many) goals still not accomplished from last year, it’s time to look at the old and new and plan the way forward.

The secret of success is to be found in the new things, even if it’s old things made over.

I’ve worked hard for 3 years to improve health, recover from several challenges, through diet, exercise, lowering stress, re-thinking the negatives into uplifting truths, healing broken relationships and thus my own broken heart, studying the health of the brain and the gut and more.

I need to persist in good diet, exercise, etc. but I still have a way to go.  Suddenly yesterday it all seemed terrible and old and too much to deal with.  I didn’t see a way to reframe and go forward with fresh energy and insight.

I laid my head down on my arms at the table, closed my eyes, heartily complained to God.  I don’t mind plodding slowly on when there is some progress, but feeling tired puts my focus on what I can’t have any more–black tea and coffee, sweets, favorite carbs.

I tried to listen in prayer for help and direction but gave in to the need to sleep.  I rested for a little while and got up still tired.  I laid on the couch and listened, asking “Lord, what does it mean that I feel so bad, and what should I do about it?”

I set the timer for 8 minutes. It dinged.  Heard nothing.  Set it again. Dinged and nothing.  Set it one more time… ready to move on without energy or enthusiasm if nothing changed.

But then some thoughts like a warm hearth beginning to take hold of the wood blazed.  Smoke curled up through the chimney like revelation rising from that fireplace.


Keep your gaze forward.  Don’t look back.  Ahead is the vision, the completion of it.  Aim for that, where the new things are.  New things build a new creation, what  you’re after.  Old things drag you down.

Keep moving in, with, and toward the new things.  Don’t be condemned.  Even rest will help you get there, rest that lets you be still and listen, really listen to your own heart and God’s.

A funny thing happened after that quiet listening and rest.  I felt better, got up and made a new chicken, kale, and lemon soup recipe in the crockpot and ran errands, just as if I had not been tired earlier that day.  Definitely a new thing.


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