Rose-Hip Happiness


I am delighted to host this guest post from my incredibly gifted and SWEET granddaughter Natalia.  Bon appetit!–Karen


Hi and Happy (Late) Thanksgiving everyone! (Or in the sacred tradition of Texas, ya’ll) This is Natalia and I’m here to tell you about my adventure of Rose-Hip Candying and How To Make Your Own.

The holidays have been CRAZY and I have had practically NO time to post. My days have been filled with card-making, fun baking, and LOTS of painstaking.Image result for laugh emoji gif (Ooh, it rhymes!) All that to say, creating dolls for friends and baking for company have my life oh-so pleasantly filled.

Now getting back on track …Image result for emoji gif animation


 Candied Rose-Hips   

   Quantity – 1/4 cup candied rose-hips*                    Difficulty –  Moderate

*(That’s all we had.Image result for cry emoji gif)           

  • 1.) Cut the rose-hips off the bush like so –


Remember to choose a rose bush that has NOT been treated with pesticides and make sure the rose-hips are unbruised! Also,the hips are sweeter after a frost, so get pickin’!

  • 2.) Snip the leaves and stem remnants off the hips.


  • 3.) Wash rose-hips thoroughly with detergent with colander and dry.


  • 4.) Now for the hardest part – slice the rose-hips in half and gouge out the seeds and hairlike tendrils (fab vocabImage result for thumbs emoji up gif) with a knife. The hairs are VERY irritant, so it is important to be careful. Or, if you are having trouble with them, just don’t skip Step 5.


  • 5.) Optional – if you were having trouble removing the hairs, then set the halves in a small pot with water filled to 2 inches above the halves. Boil for 2 and a half minutes. When done, proceed to Step 6.


  • 6.) Optional – If and only if you have finished Step 5, sieve the hips over the sink.


  • 7.) Now you’re ready for the Grand Candying Moment – Set stove top on high and boil a mixture of 3 tablespoons water, 4 tablespoons sugar, small pinch of ginger, and squirt of honey to taste. When the mixture has dissolved and is to a boiling point, throw in the 1/4 cup rose-hips and boil until translucent ( roughly 10 minutes)


  • 8.) Set rose-hips on some waxed paper. Now for the Fun Part – roll the hips in sugar!! (Doesn’t hurt if you eat a lil sugar yourself, wink wink Image result for wink emoji gif) After rolling, set hips on another sheet of waxed paper and let dry for 10 minutes. When the 10 minutes have passed, put them in an airtight container.



                     Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!  Related image



 Chef’s Notes:

  • Candied rose-hips are excellent as cake decoration… or just as a tasty snack!
  • Rose-hips will keep for a week if they’re in an airtight container kept in the fridge.
  • Some of my information was from Recipes From the Wild
  • I hope you LOVE this delicacy! (And my fabulous rhyming)




2 responses to “Rose-Hip Happiness

  1. Oh Natalia you are a natural! Can’t wait for your cookbook to be published. You could do one on Australian bush foods , I’m sure you could make some sweet treats with some of our wild bush fruits and flowers .


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