A Dream Talking to Me


A few months ago I dreamed that I was standing on a big, sturdy raft, floating down a frothy, jolly river.  Beautiful day surrounded by nature and happy people traveling together.  Majestic mountains nearby, trees tender green, slowly gliding by.

In the dream I spent my time, however, not enjoying the scenery and people.  I was looking down, always watching for the slightest tipping of the raft or trying to set it straight if it strayed the least bit sideways.  Sometimes I bent down with hammer and nail to adjust some jutting board, always tapping and tinkering to make it perfect….missing the life and beauty going on around me.

I wanted it to be all smooth; I wanted it just right.

Others were enjoying the flight of eagles overhead, the sunlight and blue skies, the babbling song of the river.   The End

A friend’s discernment:

When I shared the dream with a friend that I often pray with, this is what she got out of it.  She said the raft could be several things—one’s home, body, family, job, etc….anything that might distract you from seeing the wider world and its wonders, the global view of life versus looking down and constantly attending to details perhaps of duty.

She said to pray to see the Big Picture and know that the raft is solid and the stream you’re on is His path.  He is in charge, no worries or cares.  Enjoy.  10 years from now your life will be so different, kids getting older and in a different phase.  Focus on NOW.  Down the stream the Lord will use you in different ways.

My perspective:  I sensed God’s love being given to me with a gentle reminder to focus on what matters and that wouldn’t be the things I fret and clean and fluff and fuss over.  Breathe, relax, give thanks, enjoy the gifts all around each day.

I like that dream!  Good message.  Where would you be in such a dream? Enjoying the day or diddling and fixing?





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