A Really Good Bundle

Goodness in a very small package came like a Christmas present from strangers one wintry evening in January earlier this year.  Our family and two others were having supper together.  A sort of electric sense of anticipation filled the air, knowing the ‘gift’ would soon be here.

A knock at the door midway through the meal brought some of us to our feet and rushing to the door.  An unfamiliar face smiled at us and in came a bundle…of baby.  I felt conflicted.  The baby was a foster care baby from a drug family and had drugs in her little system.  I felt so sad, knowing that statistics can be grim about the future of such children.  At the same time I felt excited for us all to lay our hands in prayer upon little Beth, whom we all loved instantly.

In the weeks to come she was prayed for many times with great hope and faith that God, who had brought her to our friends,  would also champion her innocent life and bring good, bring love and healing to some degree we were sure.  She needed patient and tender care, which she definitely got from this couple, who both work full time and fully partner in raising a cute, strong-willed daughter as well.

Beth was close to 3 months old when she came, evaluated by Early Childhood Intervention as being about 30% delayed on 4 of 6 key skills of development.

Days and weeks of love and nurture, weary going without much sleep nights, and the help of many supportive friends and family gradually brought changes for baby Beth.  The blank expression in her eyes turned to light-filled eyes, alert and watching everything, especially her new big sister whose funny ways evoked belly laughs from Beth.  The stiffness of her body yielded to strength and curiosity and movement.

With the inspiration of a two year old sister on the move all the time and other babies visiting with parents, as well as exercises the parents worked on with her, Beth started crawling, pulling up at 6 or 7 months old!

At 8 months old she was reevaluated.  Now she was at expected levels of development in all areas or exceeding it!  In 5 months!

So we give all the glory to God.  Good news is good to hear every day.  She is a miracle in progress, and that is worth celebrating.


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