Grounded and Grounding

I have not grounded to a total halt.  But issues of insomnia and anxiety that increased over a 2 year period definitely slowed me down.  I had to stop and find out why my life was being shrunk down—not able to deal with crowds, not able to enjoy a movie at night with all the flashing lights and forget going to the theater with loud, loud sounds booming out.  I didn’t like it.  I wanted to keep living life normally, alongside my family, doing whatever activities came along.  Instead I often decided to stay behind, missing out on fun trips as well as social events near home.  I had to restrict my diet drastically as suddenly I seemed to have multiplying food allergies and felt like everything I ate or did made me more nervous.

So frustrating…and for a while frightening.  I was reading a lot of grim statistics of increased risks for Alzheimer’s and dementia.  This did not improve my stress levels.

The good news is that I did turn to the Lord in my distress, as the good psalmists often did in their troubled times and days.  I found out that the Lord loved me much more than I had previously believed, wanted to help me feel better, and has had a million ways to teach me health and healing and a lifestyle of joy and peace.  I am much better now, thank God!

But not out of the woods yet.  So I continue to experiment with natural means of healing.  Yesterday I tried grounding again, the practice of having your feet on the earth so that a flow of negatively charged electric ions comes into your body and helps balance all the bad positive charges we get daily from too much exposure to electromagnetic fields and too little exposure to the world God created, the land that humans have been in deep contact with all the centuries before us.  But we got so good at technology, we lured ourselves right out of the blisses of peace in nature into the dangers of living indoors all the time and having our bodies and sleep whacked out as a result.

How about the soul?  I can’t explain the sense of calm and joy that I experience when I step outdoors!  So yesterday as I was saying, I did the grounding thing.  The best thing was I experienced spring winds playing through my hair and caressing my face.  I saw 3 white butterflies dancing in the air and sunlight.  I heard a mockingbird trilling out every rhapsodic note he could think of to entertain me.  The sounds also of the wind in the treetops was invigorating.

Surprising gift.  I slept better last night, not perfect, just better.  I had an entire 4 and ½ hours of uninterrupted sleep…unheard of for me.  I also prayed very fervently for my sleep to be restored, pouring over scripture, pouring my heart desires out to the Lord at bedtime.

Do you know what a gift sleep is?  Helps restore our lives every night, especially our brains.  I grounded.  I’m grounding now.  First and foremost I am grounded in Jesus.  He is my center and my foundation.  But also He has given us simple gifts from the earth itself.  Ah, sweet earth, sweet sleep.  Rest ye well!



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