Wintry Sunlight Cheer, Chicken Livers, and Other Wonders

Yeah, I admit that I did that without shame:  cooked chicken livers for breakfast this week on a wintry morn filled with cheering sunlight.  I’m not thinking that anyone else in town served chicken livers and onions for breakfast or would necessarily think it’s a great idea.  But I felt a sort of ornery glee with my unique meal.

I need novelty like I know that I will encounter when we travel, new taste bud experiences –I just need them at home too.    Required:  FUN, where food is concerned.   Otherwise, food allergies present doom and gloom to me every day.  So I mix things up, try new recipes as often as I have time and energy to do so.

Making tasty food that is healthy, fun, and involves simplphoto (1).JPGe preparations is a challenge.  But chicken livers filled the bill—nutrient dense, a sweet deliciousness, quick cooking, and cheap, cheap!  How could I resist that?  One bite of sautéed chicken liver and I craved it.  I devoured my portion and thanked God for a delightful husband, always willing to try my crazy ideas.  He always responds with a helpful gratitude as though I’d served an unexpected feast, whether it turned out well or not, for him or me or  us three, including granddaughter.  That’s a wonder in a world of spoiled people, including myself, we who often wish to be catered to.

Never dreamed I’d be eating this way…but never counted on developing so many food allergies either.  This is my reality, and it is the reality of about 15 million Americans.  For those of you who are freely gluten groupies and sugar celebrants, it’s probably inconvenient to have people with food allergies in your social network.  For those of you willing to relate to us and adjust your menus to include us food allergy people, we are deeply grateful for your kind considerations of our needs too.

But please understand, we don’t expect you to adjust for us; we truly just consider it a gift, a bonus, if you do.  Just so you know, we who have food allergies are pretty independent, i-will-take-care-of-myself people.

And yet we are very receptive to encouragement and inspiration, whether a new recipe or a helpful thought to add to our arsenal of weapons for having a good attitude in daily life…with food allergies.  So let me hear from you.  Any great ideas?  New recipes?

I guess the other wonder of a sunny winter morning besides chicken livers and a grateful husband would be that I turned my own grateful heart toward heaven and counted my blessings as I sipped peach tea.  The warmth of the room and of my heart grew warmer still.  I sensed my Father’s smile.




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