Failing to Measure Up, Finding Grace

Did the Trinity make a mistake in choosing an animal shelter as the birthplace for the Savior of the world, the King of the universe?  And into a very poor family–what were Father, Son and Holy Spirit thinking?

Only a few found Him, the newborn babe.  But it had been revealed to those few by the Lord and His angels who the child was and where He could be found.  Despite the surroundings, the circumstances so puzzling, they came and worshiped Him and greatly rejoiced in His birth.

Not many saw or heard the entrance of the King.  And still He comes every day–did I miss Him, fretting about leaves and mud tracks on the floor, dishes unwashed and meals yet to be prepared?

Christmas is the Holy Season, repeating some patterns ever after.  Surely though, we must come to worship Him, regardless of the threads of pain and failure right alongside yuletide pleasures and laughter, mustn’t we?

I need fresh revelation of You, King of kings, every day in every detail of life, however messy or unimpressive.  I am in a place in my health that is challenging, never been here before, can’t getterdone.  I have friends and family that are suffering the loss of a loved one or sitting on the jagged edge of marriages and hearts breaking. Some are ill, facing or recovering from surgery.  Laid up, unable to fully engage the demands of the Christmas season.

Jesus was born into the chaos and oppression of Roman rule over His people.  There was no perfect place, circumstances, people to usher in the Messiah.  The Trinity lovingly planned every detail in the midst of human suffering, not apart from it.

Maybe we can all be kind to each other and ourselves–so in need of grace, during this eventful season, full of big expectations and much failure to deliver.  Love and adoration for our King can be our focus and help us zoom in on each other, seeing with fresh eyes the wonder of God’s creation, however imperfect.

The best gifts for Christmas we can give or receive this year will be Love expressed in whatever packages they come, speaking of human forms.

Our efforts to celebrate this holy season may fall short of our expectations or someone else’s expectations of us, as we all are really just little representatives of the King of kings, baby Jesuses.  Not very impressive and yet wholly worthy of love.

Lord, give us fresh revelation of the beauty and wonder of Christmas that is found in You and in people.




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