Sweeping Out the Old,Making Room for the New

View out my back window

View out my back window

Sweeping Out the Old, Making Way for the New

I’m not counting the days until Christmas.  I’m still in awe of autumn glories.  Its brilliant colors continue to spill into the Christmas season.  I’m loving the vivid blood reds and bright yellows in so many trees.  And on the ground I see dull yellows and browns like a comfy old blanket being pulled up over the cold ground to prepare for a long winter’s nap.  The seasons are changing but still in transition.

I am in transition too, looking back over the year that has been and anticipating how do I want to live and love and grow in the year coming.  I’m seriously gearing up my mind to declutter closets and drawers and thus sweep out the old, making way for new life.  No, I don’t wait until January, which is certainly more logical.  I like to do some of it now, preparing my heart, keeping it focused on the Reason for the Season.  By purposefully moving some stuff out of my home and heart and brain, I feel like I am freed up to focus on the Lord, family, and a life of love in new ways.

I’m slowing down like nature.  I’m savoring colors, good memories, anticipating making new ones.  I’ve taken back my attention from the world, from trivial pursuits, from loveless, pointless practices and I am mindfully looking at my world, my relationships, my tasks and wanting to live, move, and breathe out of love, joy and peace.

We as a family have never done Advent, and yes, I understand it is already underway.  But I am going to stop the clock, break the rules and jump into it.  The idea of lighting candles and reading scripture together, eating a meal together by candlelight sounds fun, simple and amazing.

Hopefully, we won’t burn the house down.

Hopefully, our eyes will shine and our hearts be warmed by the activities that we do together.  We will make some memories to count on.


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