Gathering of the Sages

As a little girl I loved reading about pioneers, admiring all that that they did with their hands, loving their fierce, independent spirits, and being captivated by log cabin living.    But I never wanted to live that way–gee, too hard, too risky, too much work.  Well, I was a sweet little thing, accustomed to the comforts of home and being often parked in front of the TV when not out playing with friends, riding bikes, or reading a book.  Might’ve been more fun if I could have explored those interests in pioneers.

But oh well, it’s not too late…new possibilities are being discovered and experienced, such as… a few months ago we left no rock unturned to finally begin my kitchen herb garden near the front door.  The flat patio rocks there simply provided spaces to grow weeds. We made a small beginning–sage, oregano, basil, , rosemary and lemongrass.

So November has come and watching the weather last week, we knew freezing temps would soon arrive.  Time to harvest.

It was really fun.  Cooked oregano leaves in the oven.  Cut lemongrass and made some tea.  Popped fresh basil sprigs into a glass of water and used to make pesto a day or two later.

Last week after getting our bellies full of a delicious, comforting beef vegetable soup,  we sat around the table, us sages, chopping sage leaves with scissors.  Not your idea of a sage?  Well there is wisdom in partaking of nature’s bounty and gathering it in, isn’t there? 🙂

Sage itself has many medicinal and health benefits–good for braiIMG_470165677n and memory, loaded with vitamins and minerals, etc.

Besides, did I say it was fun?  Gathered around the table, my husband, granddaughter, and silly grown son all together, getting the leaves cut up and put in ice trays, topped off with a bit of water, to freeze, and voila! Sage on the ready for soups, sauces, tea, chicken and turkey dishes, dressings.

You know, I just read that sage is good for ulcers in the mouth.  I’ll check it out.  Pioneers and herbalists, I guess I have joined you in tasting new worlds.










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