Jewels to Adorn the Family Table

A favorite story of ours is Heidi.  After a long journey away from the beloved grandfather and mountain life that she so cherished, at last Heidi comes home.  Her grandfather has tears in his eyes, not believing his child has returned to him.  But quickly they resume daily rituals with great joy, sitting down at the table with bread and a bowl of fresh goat’s milk.  What makes us happy after all?  The jewels that truly dress a table well are shared lives and shared food.

There’s a lively movement of the Holy Spirit going on that we all might want to get in on.  It’s a community thing, not an independent American event.  It’s not going to fit your paradigms of revival, church, etc.  It’s not confined to any certain economic strand of society and not even Christian-exclusive.  Not yet believers are very active and probably taking the lead on inspiring and inviting people into this movement.

What is it?  It’s people who are being raised up to grow abundant crops of simple, healthy, non-GMO food, whether on poor land or fertile, whether in the country or on an urban, half acre plot, and they are teaching others to do the same.  The joyful synergies of growing food and being healthier are enhanced by the wonder of diverse people working together to produce, gather and eat the foods.  So much sharing, working together, eating, eating together, getting kids taught and empowered to help grow food for their families as well as the rest of the family, eating…did I say eating?

Just think of it.  Place a squash casserole steaming with butter puddles on the table alongside a big bowl of garden greens fresh picked.  That’s akin to putting jewels in someone’s hands.  Oh the joys of eating food that you grew and prepared yourself!  Even my granddaughter gets a sparkle in her eye after being in the house too long when she gets out to see how her garden is growing.  (No, she does not yet eat salad but she’s crazy about frying kale that she helped plant and harvest!

Food is such an important part of all our lives.  We see people with addiction issues over food, but how about people just falling in love with the simplicities of garden fresh chard and tomatoes, okra for roasting with spicy spices, and yeah, fried kale..with priceless experiences of working together and eating together out of the abundance that you produced together?  Such addictions can be encouraged, guilt-free.

One frosty night last week the stars were glittering crisply when we brought ourselves and our appetites into the warmth of the home of some good friends.  A big pot of chili, flavored beautifully with peppers from their garden, filled the house with its aroma.   We sat and ate, laughed and sometimes admitted to less than perfect lives, finances, marriages, etc.  What price tag can you put on such gifts that heal the aches of the heart, the digestion, congestion or whatever ails you?

Shared food and shared lives, something to give thanks for in every season.


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