Seaside Breakfast with Jesus

Seaside Breakfast with JesusCartoon-People-Beach-Campfire-With-Night-Download-Free-Photos

I love John 21!  Jesus messes with our minds on what really matters.  If I only had 40 days left on earth before Father whisked me off to heaven, would I take time to cook fish over a fire for breakfast as Jesus did?  No, I would probably be tempted to splurge and have it catered so that I could zoom in on my list of all the important things I wanted to say and perhaps allow time for last minute questions.

But Jesus pitches into the lives of those He loves and leads by getting in the middle of the messes.  After toiling all night and catching nothing, the weary disciples listened to a stranger on shore at dawn, telling them where to drop their nets and get a big, fat catch of fish, too heavy to pull back into the boat.  Ah, no stranger.  Jesus!

On shore the welcoming fire hissed and crackled with fish that the King of the universe was cooking.  For ravenous fishermen, what a gift.  It seems just the right touch of increasing their joy by asking them to bring a few fish from the miraculous catch to complete the breakfast.

Why bother?  He could have power-zapped the whole thing, but the process was part of the delight.   Why serve what must’ve been an ordinary breakfast, fish and some bread?  Making memories?  Not Jesus.  At least, not generic memories.  He only did what truly mattered, what the Father’s heart burned for, planned for, delighted in.

What matters to God is delight that comes from living a well-aimed life, in intimate connection with the Author of life, a vibrant life, brimming with purpose, on-track with what truly matters and thus is filled with delight.

Jesus our Provider supplied their needs coming off a discouraging night of fishing that left more than nets empty.  He filled the place with His Presence and His work right where they were.  Then He asked Peter laser-focused questions that helped Peter see the future more clearly, not worrying about what anyone else was doing, not even John over there, but only what he needed to do—follow Jesus, love Him by doing the things Jesus told him that amazing, ministry-defining, life-transforming day.

Jesus did not live stressed out, packing in a bunch of to-do’s that seemed to need His attention.  He only ever does what matters.  That delights God.  That delights Jesus.  That delights the people that He encounters and serves, teaches and loves.

That purpose-driven day began with a seaside breakfast…what mattered…what gave delight.  When we are filled with Delight, isn’t that the Real Good News?  Should all our days matter or just some of them?

God created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things He planned for us long ago.  Full of delight?  Surely.

Is it possible that Delight is essential for followers of Jesus?


2 responses to “Seaside Breakfast with Jesus

  1. Really good stuff sister! I love this… “What matters to God is delight that comes from living a well-aimed life, in intimate connection with the Author of life, a vibrant life, brimming with purpose, on-track with what truly matters and thus is filled with delight.”

    All I can say is Amen!

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  2. Love this message! Inspires me to evaluate my day and to choose delight. Today I am going to “waste” time with people I love. I can get so wrapped up in tasks that I forget to enjoy the precious moments that we are given. I am going to sign a song while I ride my bike home from work and recognize how beautiful this overcast winter day is. I’m going to scoop my daughter in my arms and tell her over and over again how loved she is and how precious she is to her creator. I’m going to ignore the dishes and look into my husbands eyes and listen to him tell me about his programing work, delighting in the way his mind works differently than mine. Today is a day to delight in! Praise God for his infinite care for us and for giving us reason to rejoice.

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